• Melissa Morales

Maroon Sunset: Bomber & Air Jordans

I am constantly giving away clothes to make space for new things in my closet, however, I tend to hoard many pieces that I have yet to wear. I never really know what I have in my closet until I do a seasonal closet cleanse. Reorganizing my closet is one of the most refreshing things to do. When I come across pieces that I've never worn or rarely wear, its like we're being introduced all over again. Sometimes it feels like I'm shopping in my own closet and as we all know, fashion repeats itself. I recently found this maroon varsity jacket that I've probably owned for like 4 years, I'm not exactly sure where I purchased it, and my Air Jordans, ah.. it's been a while since I've worn them. My 11 Retro "Heiress" was the perfect velvet footwear for my outfit. Maroon, Velvet, and Varsity Jackets = Fall 2017.

With the energy of tonights full moon, cleanse your space with some sage, hold on to your treasures, and release what no longer works for you.

xoxo, Mel


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