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Life Lessons From Avenue Q

There's something about music that touches my soul more than just listening to mere words. When I listen to an amazing singer sing, my entire attention span concentrates on that moment. With that said, it's only natural that I am also a musical fanatic! Not where you thought I was taking that statement huh? My first love was Annie, yes I was beyond obsessed. I think it was probably my first VHS, but don't quote me on that. When I was younger, my little sister and I were utterly obsessed with Chicago the movie, my true love. I was 12 and she was 7, two little girls dancing and singing our hearts out alongside the DVD, every single day. I don't think my mother ever got tired of us.

As I got older, I am ashamed to say, I didn't make it a priority to catch a live show, until this past week. I was in NYC for work and my boyfriend and I were trying to figure out what to do for date night when he brilliantly suggested a musical, Avenue Q. The musical involved puppets which made me a tad bit hesitant at first, but hey, I enjoyed Jeff Dunham and his puppets. I've never heard of the musical but being the open-minded girlfriend that I am, and a musical lover, I was totally down.

I Google E V E R Y T H I N G.

So, it was only natural that I searched for more information about the musical prior to our 8 pm showing that night. Upon reading the synopsis, I was actually really excited to see it. The show has been going on for 14 years and has extremely good reviews. In a nutshell, the show is essentially about a group of 20-something's searching for their purpose in NYC.

*Raises hand*

I think a big chunk of the population can relate to that storyline, even if you don't live in NYC.

Avenue Q puts a humorous spin on a lot of the problems we face as adults. Career, Love, Sexuality, and Racism to name a few. I don't want to give it all away but I do want to share some of the lessons I took away from the musical.

Lesson #1

It sucks to be me

No, it really doesn't suck to be me but sometimes we find ourselves in a rut feeling like our lives really do suck. We believe that we are the only ones experiencing problems in our lives but fail to realize that everyone is going through something in life. Our problems may not be the same, but big or small, they hold the same weight in our individual hearts. All the characters come together to sing about why their lives individually suck when life didn't turn out how they wanted. What really captured my attention was how the audience engaged with the song. Everyone was singing the hook, "it sucks to be me" and laughing alongside. I even heard some audience members singing it during the intermission. It was an overwhelming feeling that reminded me that I wasn't alone.

Lesson #2

Purpose is not

How do you define purpose? Some people will answer that by saying, it is the reason to live, but what does it mean when you have yet to find your purpose? Should we not be alive? We put too much weight on the significance of purpose when it comes to our lives. Sure, a remotes purpose is to turn on the T.V. or the purpose of a car is to go from point A to point B, but we're humans. Magnificent, unexplainable, beings. The uncertainty of our origins is the reason I believe that we hold purpose to such a high standard. Nobody knows why we exist and we don't have a manual for this journey we had no choice embarking on. We spend our lives searching for our purpose to give meaning to life but who's going to tell us whether we are correct or not?

Lesson #4

For Now

Everything that happens in your life is just for the moment. Life is a never-ending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Nothing last forever, even our uncertainty.

We're going to experience hardships and face adversity, but only for a moment.

We experience love and heartbreak, but only for a moment.

"Don't stress, Relax, Let life roll off your backs Except for death and paying taxes, Everything in life is only for now!"

xoxo, Mel


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