• Melissa Morales

5 Ways To Master A New Week

According to certain religious calendars, Sunday is the first day of the week, but if you work a traditional 9-5, your week begins on a Monday. As an entrepreneur in charge of her schedule, I like to consider Sunday as the "head-start" of my week. It is the perfect day to unwind from the weekend festivities and recharge the #BossGirl batteries for the week. So if you've ever found yourself running late on a Monday morning and then absentmindedly trying to catch up with your workload by the end of the week, follow this guide, every Sunday, or the beginning of your week, and observe how much your productivity increases.


Begin each morning, not just Sundays, with a morning stretch and at least a 15-minute meditation. The best time to meditate is right after waking up, and before checking the notifications on your electronic devices. Studies have shown that browsing through your phone, whether checking emails or your social media, can change a positive morning experience to a frantic "trying to catch up" mental attitude. Check out some videos on YouTube for guidance if you're entirely new to meditating.


Yoga is an excellent tool for destressing your week. It increases your flexibility, muscle strength, and tone, which comes in handy if you're a #BossGirl carrying her shipments to the post office for delivery or a #BossGirl hunched over her computer completing her work. I believe that yoga is best practiced in a class environment, however, with the time constraints we all experience, yoga practiced at home is just as effective. Aim for at least a 45 minute practice.


I purchased a to-do notepad six months ago, and it was honestly the most important purchase to date. I own an iPhone and every Apple device you can name, which have many excellent apps that you can download for productivity but something is empowering about physically crossing out a task or goal completed with a pen. Our brains love ordered tasks, and I feel productive just by adding items on my to-do my list. Depending on your goals there are two ways of going about it: if you have a bunch of small goals for the week, designate a due date for each task. If you have larger goals to complete, break it down into smaller goals to be achieved throughout the week. Studies have shown that humans will complete more tasks if they were first written down.


Taking care of your physical self is just as important as taking care of your mental health. Set some time aside to have an at-home spa day. Your skin and hair can hold the stress of the week, and the best way to shed off that dead energy is by adding a hair mask, and a body scrub. Check out this DIY Body Scrub and DIY Hair Mask.


It can be difficult to set time aside to work on our hobbies or even find one in the first place. Hobbies are crucial for our mental health because they allow us to enjoy something without the ties of our social roles. We can get so caught up with the titles that we cling on to them, ultimately developing a dependent relationship with them. So set an hour or two on Sunday's and dedicate it to your hobby of choice.

xoxo, Mel


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